We’re going to review these moisturizing socks womens moisture wicking socks. I got one size fits all by Newport at the 99 cents-only stores. As you can tell socks with moisturizer, since having my surgery, my feet have been nasty because I have not to excuse my dog’s tail. I have not been allowed to go and get a pet cure because the scar goes up the back of my minor fault and goes from here at the back of my hill to pass here. It is still very tender and raw. I don’t know if you can see it, and of course, feet are so nasty, so let’s get off that. This says to rinse and dry your feet which I have done, and apply the socks it says. Never get it says rent your feet and thoroughly drive them to remove any moisture. Insert your feet in the moisturizing socks and make sure the contents of the liquid are inside while wearing the moisturizing socks, massage your feet to absorb all the liquid after twenty to thirty minutes, remove the moisturizing socks, and massage in the remaining liquid for long-lasting high direction, so I’m going to put you on pause, while I put the socks on hey guys, OK well, first of all, I’m going to show you the socks, they look like this right here. And they are made out of trash bag material, and your feet slip inside them. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to hold the camera and put the socks on, so let me put the socks on, and I’ll be rubbing them. OK, guys, here they are with the socks on. It says to scratch, and you can tell where it’s sticking to my feet, so they’re all in red. We will leave them on my feet for twenty to thirty minutes. There’s a shot of my little dog. I met my mom so excuse her desk. In the background, there is Kingston Kingston. King e he just shut his eyes at his key. There you go, that’s my dog, Kingston. I will be back in twenty minutes. It’s Robin here. It’s been twenty minutes, so it’s time to take off our moisturizing sock, so it’s hard to do one-handed hold on one moment. Let me see if I can do it better with this APP. Yeah, it would help if I wasn’t a hefty girl that couldn’t bend and move her feet around OK. Now it says to rub them moisture in, and I can tell you this feels so nice, and they are so moisturizing. I hate feet are so nasty, but I want to get a close-up so you can see there is no flaky, dry skin like there was before, and they feel amazing. So 99 cents or I wish to heart at the 99-cent store. Get you some of these. They are fantastic.

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