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Mark Evans understands people. For thirty years, he’s been helping people from all walks of life achieve maximum results in their relationships, personal lives, and careers.

Mark’s life has been one unique opportunity after another. As a teenager, he worked as the Clubhouse Manager for the Arkansas Travelers, a minor league professional baseball team. There, he learned the meaning of hard work, long hours, and how to get along with people from all types of different backgrounds.

During college, Mark worked as a personal and research assistant for the Arkansas Secretary of State, frequently traveling with him to official engagements throughout the state. That job offered Mark unique insights into the lives of public officials, as he observed their interaction with the people they served.

After a brief stint working in Florida, Mark returned to his home state in 1995 to start a new church concept in Little Rock. From an opening day membership of 24 people, the church has grown to over 5,000 members in the last two decades — and, in the process, has sharpened and further developed Mark’s leadership skills and insights.

What sets Mark apart is that he deals with real life issues — the ones we all face, but seldom talk about. Instead of hiding behind flowery language or esoteric approaches, Mark deals with life as it really is — even the messy parts. Mark’s practical insights and down-to-earth approach have made him a popular choice as a motivational speaker at corporate and employee events. He knows how to work through the challenging situations in life and business, and help people achieve the success they’ve been looking for — with simple, workable solutions to help them Win at Life.

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Books by Mark Evans

Books by Mark Evans

Mark's books will provide you with the necessary instruction that will inspire you to Win at Life. Mark often uses stories as the backdrop to practical application for your daily life.

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Mark Evans Speaking Events

Speaking Events

Mark will come speak in a variety of settings that best meet your organizational needs. He always provides those much needed morale boosts that help move your organization to the next level.

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CD's and DVDs by Mark Evans

CD's & DVD's

These personal development products are designed to help you grow your passion for life, establish daily priorities, define your purpose for living and maintain productivity, in addition to healthy relationships.

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