Kansas City sports writer Dick Wade once decided to find out exactly how much “action” occurred in a baseball game. He took a stopwatch to a game between Kansas City and Washington and counted the time it took a ball to leave the pitcher’s hand until it arrived at home plate. Then on all hit balls, he let the clock run until the batter was either out or safe. The total “action” during the 2 hour and 28 minute game, which produced 21 runs and a 15 to 6 Kansas City win, was 8 and half minutes.
You know, the game of life is a lot like the game of baseball. The preparation outweighs the action 10 to 1. The wise person prepares for action so that they are ready whenever it comes their way. I’m Mark Evans, pastor of the Church at Rock Creek. Life is long stretches of preparation interrupted by those quick bursts of performance. When you stop and think about it, everything we do is enhanced by the time we spend preparing for it. Our relationships, our work, our hobbies, there’s really no area of our life that doesn’t benefit from the time and effort of preparation. In fact, it’s in those times of preparation that we really develop the skills and the character that allow us to shine when the lights come on and it’s time to perform. Think of it this way, the time we spend in preparation for anything is like putting gas in our tank. When it comes time to actually drive the car, it’s good to know that we have the fuel that we need.

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Books by Mark Evans

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"My life has been helped beyond description by the positive yet powerful ministry of Mark Evans. He has been my pastor, friend and trusted counselor — a true coach who tells me what I need to hear, not just what I want to hear."

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